A Song of national unity and empowerment
Based on JFK’s inaugural speech on January 20, 1961


Words and music by Mike Allen
© BMI, 2016 Cleft Rock Music
Based on John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address,
January 20, 1961

America was founded on blood, sweat, and tears.
Many laid their life down for freedom through the years.
Standin on the shoulders of the greatest generation.
Pledgin’ allegiance to an indivisible nation.

Look around today, the new-normal way, we’re all choosin’ sides.
Left and right so far apart, there’s no compromise.
Got to get together for the benefit of all.
Show the world America’s “United Through It All”.

We need a true American to guide us through the maze Illuminate the path-way to our glory days

We can do it America. We’ve been the greatest nation before.
Model to the world for freedom and justice.
Our great nation we can restore.
Ask no more what she can do for you, but what you can do for her.
Let’s come together America and save this nation we adore.

Hey ya’ll let’s resolve to rise again in power.
Got to be in unity to attain our brightest hour.
Freedom, justice, liberty are blessings from above.
It’s in our hands to save this land and the liberty we love.


(repeat) Let’s come together America and save this nation we adore.


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